Hold on. Have Faith. Believe.


Several years ago my morning walk became a very special time to for me. I have a mile marked out and I walk to that electric pole that is marked and walk back to my home. I live in rural America and the road I walk on is a dirt and gravel road. A very sacred dirt road. I have grown a lot on this road. I have cried on this road in desperation when my marriage was falling apart, when my kids were making bad choices, when I just struggled to get through the day at work. I have walked on this road in confusion and full of questions of why my life was so hard. I have walked on this road full of joy. I have walked this road empty and full, happy and sad, encouraged and discouraged, full of hope and full of fear.  I have walked on this dirt road many times and have engaged in prayer and conversation with the Lord. I have received many answers to my many questions on this road and have also accepted God’s silence. This dirt road has been my grace on many occasions. If you do not spend time with the Lord every day I highly encourage it. If you can and are able to get outside and go for a walk with Him I encourage that all the more. If for some reason you are not able to go for a walk with Jesus, then at least sit by a window or open door and look outside. There is much comfort being outside among His creation or at least being able to see a tree sway with the rhythms of the wind.

While on my usual walk with the Lord this morning, I heard these words in my heart, “hold on, have faith, and believe”. Three simple commands and yet wrap so much up into them. Hold on. That one is hard. When the storm of life is raging and winds are blowing you off your feet and then the thunder clouds roll in and send torrential rains pouring down it is easy to get swept away from that solid foundation you thought you so firmly stood on. Just hold on. Hard times come but they also go. Hold on.

As I just shared more and more of my heart with the Lord, my worries and my fears, I was reminded that we are to live by faith. Faith in Him, and only Him. He is so real.  Even though He may be unseen He is more real than what we can see.  These words were seeds sowed deep in my heart. As Believers, we are to see by faith and not by our physical sight. Lately,  I have really been looking around and being very discouraged by what I am going through as well as what I see others going through. Struggles, trials, tribulations, unanswered prayers, hurting people, bad news, sickness, financial difficulty …the list just goes on and on. I was beginning to sink into the dark abyss of discouragement because I struggle to wrap my mind around the “why” behind all that I was going through and what I see going on around me. That’s the problem. I’m looking around me instead of looking up. I’m believing more of what I was seeing and not what I really believe even though it is unseen. We must hold on and we must have faith.

Believe. When we get caught up looking at what is going on around us instead of keeping our eyes in the unchanging God, we can get oppressed and depressed. Then how are we to go on? How are we to live this life when our focus is on the troubles and not the truth?  How can we share the awesome things that God has done in our lives if we can barely keep our head up?   We must believe that God is working and weaving things in our favor even as we speak. Regardless of what we see, we have to believe that the unseen hand of God is holding us when we feel like we are falling apart. Believing is knowing without having to see with our own eyes.

1413278902374_wps_16_MANDATORY_BYLINE_PIC_BY_NLord help me to hold on, help me to have faith and Lord help me to believe.


Welcome to Graycedays

Welcome to Graycedays blog!! I hope we can share life and grow together as we dig and discover the truth in the midst of this crazy life. happinessa-380x259What I want also is to learn from each other, grow with each other, challenge each other and most of all encourage each other. We live in a very discouraging world and we are in desperate needs of encouragement!!

This is a Christian blog, but before you make a run for it hear me out please. Christians are not perfect and too often we build up these big shiny walls to keep others from seeing our hurts, our brokenness, and our struggles. We need more transparency. I want to talk about my struggles, hear others struggles and gain some understanding of why things happen the way they do sometimes. Life is full of struggles and joys, sometimes as Christians we feel that we can’t let others peek into our dysfunction because it may make them not want Jesus. Well, my struggles are abundant as is the grace that is packaged with them. I am excited to share my life and share in others as well.

There are”grace” days, “gray” days and a lot of “y’s” in the middle and that is what I want this blog to be about. Thus the name “Graycedays”.  Please do not hold my transparency against me. I believe we all have stories to tell to help and encourage others. Grace is a beautiful thing but oftentimes in the midst of the battles in this crazy messy life we can’t see the beauty of that grace weaving throughout.  When the sunshine has disappeared  and the heavy gray clouds are hovering just above, when nothing makes sense and we have more unanswered questions than we have answered…..that is a grayceday. When life is full and vibrant and we are crazy happy….thats a graycedays. When we can’t seem to figure things out and find our way, and we just keep asking question after question into the air around us with no response….that is a graycedays. These are the days of our lives, no pun intended. We all have these days. Sometimes the answers don’t come, sometimes they come but not like we wanted and sometimes answered prayers rain all over us. Lets walk in grace, extend grace to others and help each other through these days of this life. Welcome to Graycedays.