Welcome to Graycedays

Welcome to Graycedays blog!! I hope we can share life and grow together as we dig and discover the truth in the midst of this crazy life. happinessa-380x259What I want also is to learn from each other, grow with each other, challenge each other and most of all encourage each other. We live in a very discouraging world and we are in desperate needs of encouragement!!

This is a Christian blog, but before you make a run for it hear me out please. Christians are not perfect and too often we build up these big shiny walls to keep others from seeing our hurts, our brokenness, and our struggles. We need more transparency. I want to talk about my struggles, hear others struggles and gain some understanding of why things happen the way they do sometimes. Life is full of struggles and joys, sometimes as Christians we feel that we can’t let others peek into our dysfunction because it may make them not want Jesus. Well, my struggles are abundant as is the grace that is packaged with them. I am excited to share my life and share in others as well.

There are”grace” days, “gray” days and a lot of “y’s” in the middle and that is what I want this blog to be about. Thus the name “Graycedays”.  Please do not hold my transparency against me. I believe we all have stories to tell to help and encourage others. Grace is a beautiful thing but oftentimes in the midst of the battles in this crazy messy life we can’t see the beauty of that grace weaving throughout.  When the sunshine has disappeared  and the heavy gray clouds are hovering just above, when nothing makes sense and we have more unanswered questions than we have answered…..that is a grayceday. When life is full and vibrant and we are crazy happy….thats a graycedays. When we can’t seem to figure things out and find our way, and we just keep asking question after question into the air around us with no response….that is a graycedays. These are the days of our lives, no pun intended. We all have these days. Sometimes the answers don’t come, sometimes they come but not like we wanted and sometimes answered prayers rain all over us. Lets walk in grace, extend grace to others and help each other through these days of this life. Welcome to Graycedays.


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